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Missouri Help With Paying Gas And Electric Bills

friendshelpingfriends started this conversation

If you need help paying your utility bills, contact one of these organizations.

 -   Missouri Weatherization Assistance Program - federal grant program established to help reduce the heating and cooling costs for low income persons through improving the energy efficiency of their homes.
 -   Missouri Low Income Energy Assistance Program - program to assist qualifying households with the payment of a portion of their residential winter heating costs.
 -   Black Hills Cares - provides funds to help people with their energy bills or emergency energy-related expenses.
 -   "Heat Share" program by the Salvation Army - provides assistance with heating and cooling bills, and when funds permit, with emergency repairs to furnaces, air conditioners and hot-water heaters. Contact your local Salvation Army location for assistance.
 -   Empire's Action to Support the Elderly ("E.A.S.E.") - program to assist seniors with their overdue electric bills.
 -   Project Help by Empire District Electric Company provides assistance to senior citizens and handicapped persons.
 -   "IShare" and "IRap" programs by the Independence, Missouri Power and Light Department assist low-income and seniors with their utility bills. Contact your Community Services League for assistance.
 -   "Dollar More" - program by AmerenUE assists lower income individuals with their utility bills.
 -   "Dollar Aide" by Kansas City Power & Light helps people in need pay their utility bills. Contact KCP&L for assistance.
 -   Energy Assistance program by Missouri Gas Energy provides emergency assistance to assist with payment of utility bills.
 -   DOLLAR HELP - a non-profit corporation supported by Laclede Gas Company that provides private funds to low-income, elderly, and disabled households to prevent the cut-off of the household's heat. DOLLAR HELP is available only if you have qualified for LIHEAP.

For information, contact:

St. Louis City & Wellston Residents - Human Development Corporation (HDC)652-5100

St. Louis County Residents - Metroplex, Inc. 863-0015
 -   Operation "Round Up" � program by several local power companies provides energy assistance funds to local non-profit organizations and individuals in need:
 -   Co-Mo Electric Cooperative
 -   Crawford Electric Cooperative
 -   Laclede Electric Cooperative
 -   Osage Valley Electric Cooperative
 -   White River Valley Electric Cooperative
 -   Caring Co-op Neighbors � a customer-funded program North Central Missouri Electric Cooperative to assist members who meet eligibility requirements. Members in need can receive up to $2,500 assistance annually. Apply through the Green Hills Community Action Agency or the Missouri Division of Family Services
 -   Make your home more energy efficient
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